We deliver a comprehensive advanced analytics service to support research, data and marketing teams (of all sizes).

Our services Our Work

We partner with clients who may not have the in-house capacity or technical expertise in certain areas of data; or who want to be able to improve aspects of their analytics offering to their clients.

We support businesses who may need to outsource certain analytics tasks or projects from time to time, or on an ongoing basis.

We deliver bespoke analytics training and ongoing technical support.


Our services include:

Statistical Modelling

  • Advanced statistical analysis and modelling, including segmentation, driver analysis, optimisation, simulation and forecasting
  • Development and implementation of new statistical methodologies

  • Data mining and predictive analytics
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Software Development

  • Bespoke analytical software development

  • Algorithm design and development

  • Various technologies utilised: e.g. Python, SQL, VBA, R, SAS, SPSS

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Business Analytics

  • Development of effective KPIs for business and marketing activity
  • Design and build of dashboards

  • Campaign evaluation and customer journey analysis

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Data Systems

  • Improvement and rebuilding of existing data

  • Construction and migration of databases and other data storage systems

  • Automation and streamlining of data flows

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