Organisations often have the need for custom-built data-driven applications. Since we are highly skilled in most relevant computer languages, e.g., Python, SQL, R, JavaScript, VBA and have extensive database and spreadsheet knowledge, we can build, and maintain when required, on and off-line dashboards, databases with appropriate interfaces, and other ad-hoc statistical applications. More importantly, we always construct the most efficient data pipelines.

Data pipelines

Data dashboards and similar tools are now an integral component of organisations’ data reporting and there are many pieces of inexpensive dashboarding software on the market to assist in their construction. However, what many organisations struggle with is the construction of the simple data-pipelines to convert the various datasets from source into the final output (the ETL part). We are specialists in this area and have vast experience transforming existing (often manual) production of dashboards and other reports into one smoothly running procedure.

We have built such pipelines using APIs from Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter Analytics, and various Point of Sale and online booking systems. In each case we will assist in the protected hosting of the final transformed data, whether internally or to a secure cloud server.

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Dashboard production – dashboard construction

We are proficient in the use of most commercial dashboarding software such as Google Data Studio and Tableau, so can construct dashboards as required. Our commercial experience allows us to offer advice in the choice and construction of the most relevant KPIs. Our collaborative approach and manner ensure that the client has ownership of what data is displayed and to whom.

Our skill set also includes the construction of dashboards using non-commercial software such as Python Dash and Bokeh, and R Shiny. So, if you require custom-built dashboards outside of the norm, we can provide that service as well.

For a small interactive example of a dashboard in Dash we have built, see:


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Other statistical tools / data-driven applications

We build a wide range of data-driven applications from complicated forecasting tools or simulators (often spreadsheet based), to secure databases with either web-based or off-line interfaces, to stand-alone unique statistical applications, such as bespoke sampling or advanced statistical analysis tools.

We have created an easy-to-use web-based Key Driver Analysis tool using our own unique algorithm. This is available for users of all levels at an affordable monthly rate. More details on this tool can be found here.

Key Driver Analysis Tool

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