Merging many different social media and other web analytics data was proving to be a time consuming activity for this charity. So JumpData built a data-pipeline to automate the extraction, transforming and loading of all their required metrics from source to dashboard with minimal user-intervention needed.

data consultancy uk
data consultancy uk

“Jump Data have been an absolute pleasure to work with. A fantastic, personal service, they’ve really gone the extra mile to understand the data needs of my organisation, filling the gap between our data and technical teams with their ability to create data specifications and test implementation of ETL jobs. I would strongly recommend!”

The Issue

Our client had constructed multiple Tableau dashboards that contained Google, Facebook and YouTube analytics data from their various websites, and social media. They needed a method of automatically updating these dashboards on a daily basis without any manual intervention.

Our solution

For each of the three web-analytics platforms, we built Python applications using the relevant APIs to download data containing the various metrics required for the different dashboards. Our code further cleaned and recoded all the data, then uploaded it via SQL to the client’s AWS database. Finally, we built the required data-pipeline to populate the Tableau dashboards from the database.

the result

The whole process ran smoothly enabling everyone in the organisation to view their updated web-analytics on a daily basis. No user intervention was required at any stage once the process went live. The system is completely flexible and can be altered to enable the viewing of other web-analytics metrics with minimal change.

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