An international recruitment consultancy wanted to simplify and streamline their monthly commission calculations, and provide their consultants with far more detailed information about their work. JumpData and Techccino built for them a simple system with a web-interface to aggregate, manage and report on data from their various systems, saving senior management time and efforts.

data consultancy uk
data consultancy uk

“I imagine the change we have experienced as a company growing from nothing to an SME is not at all uncommon. But, as with many businesses, we made the all-too obvious mistake of sticking with systems and processes we created in the early days and knew well despite their many flaws. Investing the time, money and effort into an unknown quantity just didn’t seem worth the time we were – and always are – much too short of. The team at Jump Data immediately recognised the problems and quickly designed and implemented a variety of tailored solutions that I just didn’t believe would be possible with the budget I had available. The solutions I now have to hand have dramatically improved all aspects of the data management and processing inherent in running a business, given my employees the depth and breadth of data they badly needed and, most importantly, removed me from being part of the problem!”

The Issue

Our client was using a sophisticated excel workbook to calculate the income generated and commission due for all their consultants. Over time, this workbook had become difficult to manage due to size and increased complexity of formulae; more-over, it required time-consuming data-entry from various data sources, and was usable only by senior management. The client wished to have this replaced by a much simpler system that removed the necessity of the system to be only managed by highly-skilled users, allowed relevant commission reports to be generated dynamically, with automation of as much of the data-entry as was possible.

Our solution

We cleaned then migrated all the historic data into a SQL database, adding all the relevant consultant, client and project details. We then constructed a web-based user interface in partnership with Techccino to allow simple data entry, and non-expert management. Multiple reports were constructed with dynamic functionality by month, country, consultant etc. Data pipe-lines were constructed which allowed automatic importing of all project details from third-party software.

the result

The new system shadowed the existing structure for a few months before completely replacing it. It is now managed by the accounts department, freeing up senior management time to enable them to focus on other tasks. The reporting functionality has provided each consultant with accurate monitoring of their projects and revenue generated for the first time. The system is continually evolving with additional functionality developed and added when required, and is now considered to be integral to the company’s business.

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