We are JumpData, a London based data and analytics consultancy, delivering actionable and data-driven solutions for our clients. 

We solve the data problems that seem unsolvable.



About Jump Data

With more than 50 years combined experience, we enjoy innovatively solving business problems and implementing actionable data and analytics consultancy and solutions for our clients.

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JumpData’s Key Driver tool – an inexpensive easy-to-use on-line tool to perform Relative Importance / Key Driver analysis. Requires no statistical knowledge or third-party stats software. Simply upload your data to the tool and download the results, typically in a few seconds.

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Our Services

We deliver a comprehensive advanced analytics service to support research, data and marketing teams (of all sizes).

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Here’s what some of our clients say about us:

“We have worked with Paul from JumpData for a number of years now and he has consistently delivered first-rate analytical solutions in a timely manner. His advice, knowledge and skills have been a tremendous help to us. I would certainly recommend them for anyone in need of data or statistical analysis.”

Mark Allan / Data & Analysis Team Manager, UK Consumer Organisation

“We have worked with Paul from JumpData on several projects. Some of these projects have been complex and Paul has always managed to create intelligent solutions in an organised manner, that are usable. We find Paul easy to work with, adaptable, flexible and extremely knowledgeable. We’ve also learnt a lot in the process as Paul is always willing to share his knowledge and suggests time saving improvements where he sees them. We continue to use the services of JumpData and recommend them to anyone needing assistance with high level data analysis.”

Kayte Ashton / Impact Research

“Jump Data have been an absolute pleasure to work with. A fantastic, personal service, they’ve really gone the extra mile to understand the data needs of my organisation, filling the gap between our data and technical teams with their ability to create data specifications and test implementation of ETL jobs. I would strongly recommend!”

Alex Fulcher

“Jump Data are knowledgeable, collaborative and can deliver fast when needed. Their work is consistently high quality and they’re a valuable partner for our research and insights programme.”

Doug Baker
SHIFT Active Media

“Jump Data have been incredibly helpful in devising solutions to tricky data challenges. They took the time to talk through our challenges and objectives and propose a solution that made the best use of the data we had. I’ve found them to be very flexible and proactive, working quickly and collaboratively to get us to where we needed to be. We look forward to working with them more in the future.”

Claire Sansom / MTM London