The Issue

A school had become frustrated with the limitations and complexity of the pupil tracking software they were using to track their pupil’s assessment data and wished to move to a simpler, more user-friendly system.

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Our solution

Many of the existing crop of web-based pupil tracking assessment tools suffer from a common problem; namely, by providing such a vast range and functionality of reporting, filtering and tracking methodologies, they become far too cumbersome to use effectively. Instead, we created a bespoke Excel-based tool that is easier to use, allows faster data entry yet still enables the viewing of static and dynamic progress summaries for the children.

the result

The system has saved the school’s teachers and practitioners many hours by simplifying all aspects of the data collection and analysis of their pupil’s data. Various customisations have been added without extra complexity. They key was to focus on what the particular school needed as opposed to what others may need. This system is currently being rolled out to other school settings.

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