A well-known consumer organisation needed on-going robust statistical analysis for their annual Car Buying Guide. JumpData has been providing the necessary expertise and support to the project for many years now.

data consultancy uk
data consultancy uk

“We have worked with Paul from JumpData for a number of years now and he has consistently delivered first-rate analytical solutions in a timely manner. His advice, knowledge and skills have been a tremendous help to us. I would certainly recommend them for anyone in need of data or statistical analysis.”

The Issue

The client needed to produce robust reliability and satisfaction ratings for its annual car buying guide.

Our solution

We have been designing the methodologies and conducting the analysis for one of the biggest consumer car surveys in the UK for this client for many years. It involves constructing well-respected measures of reliability for all car brands and manufacturers along with estimated running costs and ratings for the driving experience and satisfaction scores.

the result

Our analysis has led to the car buying guide becoming one of the client’s most popular and well known products.

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