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At the request of a number of schools, JumpData has developed a low-cost, easy to use pupil performance assessment tool. This bespoke Excel-based tool covers all primary age ranges from Early Years to end of Key Stage 2.

Why do you need this type of tool as opposed to the others in the market?

Many of the existing crop of web-based pupil tracking assessment tools suffer from a common problem. By providing such a vast range and functionality of reporting, filtering and tracking methodologies, the steep learning curve means they become too cumbersome to use effectively. Precious time is lost with data entry and navigating across complex forms and reports, the vast majority of which are barely touched by all but the most advanced users.

We have focussed on what we believe are the key requirements of this type of assessment tracking software:

  • Fast data entry

  • Ease of navigation across workbooks

  • Static and dynamic dashboard and progress summaries

  • Simple one-off cost